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Hey all!

So I’ve decided to have a 50L sale on all jewelry at my main store! The sale has already started as for an end date I’m not totally sure, but I’ll keep my subscribe-o-matic updated and I’ll send out notices so people have enough time to get some last minute shopping in before it ends. There are however three sections not included in the sale and those are the Poses, Just Kidding, & Custom items. Everything else though is 50L, if you find jewelry marked at regular price please IM me to let me know so I can fix it!

If you have any questions at all please let me know!
xoxo Scarlet


ICED & MAGNIFIQUE Update – 1/23/10

Hey all!

I’ve got 4 new couples poses this week, one of them is out for Lazy sunday so it’s available for only 50L! On to the pictures 🙂

Lazy Sunday 50L Pose:

(Located in the center landing point)



All of these poses are available at the mainstore: ICED & MAGNIFIQUE Main Store SLURL

Thanks for looking!
xoxo Scarlet

ICED Update – 1/16/11

Hey everyone!

There is a lot of news so hopefully I’ll remember it all!

First off is the Chic Limited event that has just started, it just opened yesterday and there are so many amazing items there for sale. The theme for this month is Sweet and Sour so I’ve made a rock candy sort of styled necklace for it! This necklace is available in a discounted pack and separately ONLY at this LM: Chic Limited

Chic item:

Next up is Lazy Sunday! I’ve made a brand new couples pose for it and it’s available for only 50L at my main store!

ICED Main Store

Lazy Sunday Item:

Also this week I’m participating in the Theme Market and this month’s theme is childhood memories so I’ve made Pacman 4 finger rings which are available only at this LM: Theme Market

Theme Market Item:

Thanks for looking!
xoxo Scarlet